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  1. Caving Worldwide

    by outandabout joined

    45 Videos 29 Members

    Caving videos group was created for you to share your caving adventures with the world.

  2. Acoustic Guitar

    by Mark Swanson joined

    3 Videos 3 Members

    This is a group for lovers of the acoustic guitar. We will have video featuring acoustic music, and also things related and pertaining to acoustic guitars...including building them, and why and how…


    by Roland Sorg joined

    7 Videos 3 Members

    There is also a CHANNEL vimeo.com/channels/guitarchannel...

  4. The Guitar Group

    by My Cat joined

    186 Videos 40 Members

    This is a place to discuss guitars. Here you can say who your favorite player is, upload videos of yourself and your guitar, talk about amps and more.


    by JM Pytre joined

    70 Videos 41 Members

    All instrumental music. Join and post.

  6. Handcrafted audio and video by the same artist

    by Greg Vaughan joined

    187 Videos 52 Members

    We are artists who create both the music and the video. This group favors instrumental music, so nothing distracts from the images. Sometimes the music is no more than droning synths or constructed…

  7. Meditation / Relaxation Videos

    by CCArtsNow joined

    841 Videos 76 Members

    Please feel free to join this group and add videos and music related to Meditation / Relaxation / Contemplation / Nature / Simply Being / Chill-Out.... Videos may be selected from this group…

  8. HD Live Jazz

    by Victor Engel joined

    369 Videos 102 Members

    The name says it all. Videos in this group should feature live jazz in high definition video.

  9. Music Production Tutorials

    by Point Blank joined

    101 Videos 155 Members

    A selection of free video tutorials and music industry masterclasses from Point Blank Music School. Please feel free to post your own videos relating to music production, sound design or DJing/live…

  10. Muscians and Songwriters

    by Scott Stevens joined

    970 Videos 306 Members

    Mainly for the music community throughout the USA. Anyone can join and get feedback from anyone as well. I will check this everyday and I will respond. Give us your talents, your thoughts, music,…

  11. Lovers of Asia

    by mathieu gasnier joined

    52 Videos 30 Members

    You just came back from Asia or you always dreamt to go or you live in Asia you are welcome to join this group. People here will share their interest about any Asian stuffs such as videos of course…

  12. Photoshoot Japan

    by Jim Atwood joined

    43 Videos 32 Members

    Post videos and slideshows pertaining to Japan with a topic. Photoshoots are merely sets of photos or a video about a particular topic or theme for that day or session. It could be a model shoots,…

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