Dave Ellem

Byron Bay, Australia

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My eyes were always skywards right from the start. As a small child I was gripped by an intense fear of storms. Yet as I grew older, this fear began to grow into a fascination. Reading weather books to learn more about how storms developed, my eyes were captured by the dramatic images of lightning and dark, turbulent skies that filled the pages. It’s funny how the biggest giants in our lives often become the points of greatest victory.

At the age of 16 I borrowed my Dad’s camera and starting to take photographs of storms around where I live on the Far North Coast of NSW. The region is renowned for its wild storms and dramatic skies, so my passion for photographing the ever changing canvas of the heavens only continued to increase.

Since those early days, my love of storm photography has grown into an appreciation of landscape imagery as well. After eight years of running a website dedicated to my storm photography, I decided to combine all my work into this site. The chance to capture these sublime moments and dwell on the deep truths of life they contain continues to inspire me as a photographer.

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