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Life is crazy, deep inside we all know it.

Unknown, as it has always been for humanity, even crazier nowadays with the many insane rules we put ourselves into we move fast against our nature. Communication is gone...

I have dreams.

What is real? Maybe my childhood memories-moments in my village, the animals, the sounds, the smell. The relieving moments with friends at the boring brain factory-the school. They didn't manage to kill our creativity.

Always trying to discover different worlds, places.. Until now. Music inspiration came in my life one day unexpectedly.

Since then it makes me feel i can create such places. Making music brings the magic of sharing. Of feeling the same with others.

Isn't it true that most of the magic of being a human is when you share the same feeling with someone else, especially when at the same moment? When you laugh together, dance together, feel good or bad. Those moments you forget who you are, your body is just the material to let this happen. You focus on the moment and feel alive.

With music i will try to wander free in different paths with unknown destinations. The music i write is not mine. I am just a mean to make it real.

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