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In 2003, I graduated The College for Media studies in Tel -Aviv, majoring in photography & editing, While working in many TV series and commercials as an assistant in production and art departments .I joined toucan design studio and built many high quality objects for many exhibitions in major museums. Later I was fished by REUTERS news agency to work as an assistant cameraman and move up a year later to be a cameraman, shooting the disengagement from Gaza and the Lebanese war. 4 years later i became an independent cameraman- producer, developing visual and video ideas for companies, providing a concept to online services while studding montage at jump cut school for editing. Specializing in AVID i soon began to undertake post production challenges as editor -producer, and created many green screen, animation, and HD videos for commercial, documentary and art videos. I have worked with many top industry firms and broadcasting channels.
A cameraman. An editor. A visual storyteller.


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