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San Diego, California

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Laura Casale grew up in Long Island, New York, a piano player from the very beginning who was “born to play music.” Trained with a classical base, Laura early in her career listened keenly to innovative English Rock bands such as Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, as well as highly skilled America progressive bands such as Kansas and was inspired. Now, she is a full-time musician who augments her work by teaching piano to local children. Her versatility of musical and vocal style have given her opportunities to play in many venues throughout the years in New York, the Northwest states, and California. She’s performed at many private events including on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, a Governor’s ball for the state of Montana, numerous exclusive parties for Banks, Corporations, airline executive parties, and numerous restaurant venues! Currently, she has been learning the ropes of Recording Engineering in her own Home Studio in San Diego in hopes to complete her first album project of original songs. She has been working with Van Hunsberger, who has added his drum and percussion expertise, as well as Daniel Reeves who has played on several bass tracks. Much like her musical influences of the past, Laura’s music holds messages of her own life’s journey. It is her desire to share her journey, through her music to bring a little light, enjoyment, Love and Peace to those that need a little relief from loss, heartache, disappointment, loneliness and life’s struggles in general. It is her hope that the soul of the listener will be uplifted to a higher plain, and that their spirit will also take wing!

Being a piano player, singer and lover of classical music, I couldn't help but fall in love with some of the English Progressive bands when they were at their peaks during my high school years. My early musical influences were bands such as ELP, YES, Kansas, The Dixie Dregs, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Pink Floyd. Elton John amazed me with his piano skills, as well as did Billy Joel’s, along with his amazing storytelling lyrics. In the 80’s, Bruce Hornsby became one of my very favorite piano players, and Enya swept me away with her ambient voice and instrumentation. In the 90’s bands like Dave Matthews Band, Tool, Radiohead,Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate,No doubt, and progressive bands like Spocks Beard and Transatlantic rocked my world. The female artists of the 90’s came to the forefront and I started covering artists like Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin and Sarah Machlachlan, in my gigs. All through these eras of music, one thing remained – my love for Movie Soundtracks. I love music that paints pictures and creates atmosphere. Soundtrack composers such as John Williams, James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman and John Barry, have my greatest admiration as some of the finest composers in our modern day and age!


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