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Thomas has been a film sales agent for 15 years with experience in selling feature films like Cannes winner Lars von Trier’s “DANCER IN THE DARK” , Hollywood films starring Forest Whitaker and Julia Styles in “A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN” to Berlinale winners to name a few among hundreds of feature films I have sold worldwide. Thomas has sold films for some of the biggest directors in Scandinavia Lars von Trier, Lukas Moodysohn, Thomas Vinterberg, Susanne Bier, Baltasar Kormakur, Lone Scherfig, Josef Fares, Per Fly, Niels Arden Opel and many others

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  1. Wow, great presentation. I'm a filmstudent and it really gave me insight in how I could improve my exposure and revenue in the new scary business I'm about to enter. Thanks.