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I was born in Homewood, Illinois, a south suburb of Chicago. This is where I learned my love of animals and the outdoors. It may be a strange place to become an animal lover growing up in a big city, but when I was a young boy, my father would bring me frogs, toads and turtles that were preparing to become road kill. These are my earliest of memories. Eventually I want to college at the University of Montana to pursue a degree in wildlife biology. I graduated in 2000, and quickly began working on wildlife conservation programs on Wolverines, Fisher, Pine Marten, Bobcat, Snails, Black Caiman, Alaskan Brown Bears, snails, slugs and many other amphibians and reptiles. After several years of research, I moved into wildlife film and photography. In 2004, I made my first film called "Life in Peril: Montana's Amphibians and Reptiles". Soon after, I moved to the Amazon of Ecuador where I have lived for over 13 months with Kichwa and Waorani indigenous communities while becoming a naturalist guide in the region. During my stay, I made a 3 part film series entitled "Looking into the Eye of Extinction: The Amazon, The Galapagos, The Andes". In 2009, the first TV film project that I worked on was broadcast on PBS's Nature television series entitles "Frogs: The Thin Green Line" a beautiful conservation film. I currently work for National Geographic TV, and have worked on several wildlife film broadcasts over the past year and a half.

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