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Not only has Canadian born Kelly Pettit been able to perform and reach fans in more than 4 continents, but this Japan based musician has achieved this in ways that break the traditional mold of how singer/songwriters are usually heard. On his 5th album titled “THESE DAYS”, Kelly showcases exactly what makes him so alluring.

His mass appeal didn’t happen over night. Kelly has been slowly accumulating a loyal fan base since his first CD, “Life through a Windshield” and slowly through word of mouth, live shows and hard work, he has graduated to becoming a bona fide contender as a solid singer/songwriter. His newest release “THESE DAYS” was recorded in Melbourne Australia and produced by the talented Greg Arnold. Kelly wanted to challenge himself by avoided the comfort of past musicians and industry talents. Instead, he spent 2 years writing new material and set off on a journey involving a gut feeling and deep need for change. The outcome is a jackpot of catchy tunes with a strong nostalgic ache of real life. A couple listens and one finds themselves in a story cheering for those that never give up, or yearning to be somewhere else, to even admitting ones own doings.

Kelly's past success from his album FUEL launched him a large fan base by winning contests, song of the month awards, radio play and more. There was a do or die attitude with Kelly to give his fans more this time around. On THESE DAYS, producer Greg Arnold seemed to know exactly how to unleash Kelly's songs and create the CD that Kelly has been wishing to write since he first started recording.

Influenced largely by Australian bands like Crowded House, Things of Stone and Wood (Greg Arnold), and Australian Paul Kelly, along with North American counterparts Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies, and the Counting Crows, Kelly works to define a sound all his own. “I try hard to make each song not sound like the last one but what’s constant however, is my attempt to write catchy meaningful songs that I can be proud of”, says Kelly.

The CD starts of with the song "SHE SHINES" which talks about a woman who never lets things get her down despite the tough life she's had. The following song "I REMEMBER" traces the memories of a couple through famous places around the world and Australia. Then there is the title track "THESE DAYS" which is an honest telling of how it is sometimes. Kelly sings in the chorus, "These Days, I just got to face it, I ain’t got it going on". Despite the darker lyrics the songs are all surprisingly upbeat and happy. Even "THESE DAYS" has the final message at the end of each chorus "get past them, out last them -these days"!

I could go on about how stellar this CD is from first note to last line "What Have I Done". What Kelly Pettit has done in fact, is make a fantastic CD that deserves to be heard by everyone. I recommend you judge for yourself, have a listen and let the music do the talking. After all, time is short THESE DAYS.

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