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Life is a journey. the destination for all of us is death, so who wants to arrive? Not me!

The adventure is in the journey. I have created and built two national companies in two different countries (in the computer industry), I have a passion for biomedical science, I exercise (a lot) and don't care whether my friends do or not, because, although I live in America, I am not an evangelist.

I don't say "I Believe!", I say "Let's Investigate!", and the American inadequacy in this area appalls me. Closed-door 9/11 hearings, with no testimony from any of the 450 New York firemen who had a lot to say, but were never heard? Just an example of the kind of investigation that makes the Government Official Conspiracy Theory far less credible. I have no personal theories, but there is not enough information available for anybody to come to a rational conclusion.

So my life is a quest for the truth. Very unsuccessful in countries that follow the US Secrecy Model. Britain, Australia, etc.

So I raise the questions in blogs.

And I do some business consulting. Leading edge tech mostly, health, computer, entertainment.

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