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Svetlana has produced a range of short films, corporate videos, music videos and a theatrical production as
a freelance producer. She has independently won several awards including an ECTV award for Producer on Money Banks. She opened One Eyed Dog Films Ltd. with Olga after receiving her MA in film production from Royal Holloway. This has been her dream for years. Her short film Blackberry Stains was accepted and is
premiering in Cannes in 2010. Blackberry Stains is also at Fordham Fest 2010, it was a Semi Finalist at Moondance Film Festival 2010, an Honorable Mention in Los Angeles Film Festival and Finalist in the Central Florida Film Festival. Svetlana possesses an unerring knack for organizing, with stringent control of budgets combined with exceptional time management skills; she is the one that ensures all projects run smoothly.
She oversees all the production coming out of One Eyed Dog Films, and she has developed a co-production partnership in New York on House of Culture and one in Greece on Stolen Pleasures.

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