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  1. Hey mate, what is the duration of the 30fps burst? ie How many photos can it capture before the buffer is full? Cheers
  2. Wow the detail is amazing, playing on my 2560x1440 res monitor. Thanks very much for posting the raw file mate, hard to get em as no one is brave enough to post em :) Any chance of posting a short raw samples of 2.7k 30fps, 1440p 30fps and 1080p…
  3. Ahh cool thx, downloading the 4k version now. I on the other hand am a bit of a pixel junkie, and absolutely LOVE sharpness! :) I also do like and appriciate DOF. I own a Sigma DP2 merrill, for its awesome per pixel sharpness in photos :P And HMQ10…
  4. Hehe thats awesome dude. Such a cute dog! keeps checking if everything is cool with u every few seconds :)
  5. Hey mate, could I ask for an outdoor sample @2.7k ProTune please? Decent lighting will help max out the sharpness. Just a short 5-10 sec clip, something with some motion if possible.