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Sarah Gertrude Shapiro

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro has been a vital force in avant-

garde filmmaking communities in Portland, New York and LA

for over a decade, and is now emerging as an exciting new

talent in narrative.

She hatched making experimental shorts in Portland, with

peers like Miranda July, Matt McCormick and Vanessa

Renwick, went on to found a radicaly queer festival in New

York with JD Samson from Le Tigre, interned at Killer

Films, then joined David LaChapelle’s factory, after a year

magically migrated to glamour and glitz of orchestrating

romantic mental-torture-mega-meta-dates for The Bachelor,

wrote and recorded an acclaimed art-damaged folk album,

(“Stranger” short-listed by Mike Mills for Thumbsucker)

directed 3 stunning, internationally showcased, videos to

accompany it, and finally landed as a Director/Producer at

world-renowned ad agency Wieden + Kennedy in Portland,

Oregon where she has worked with Todd Haynes, LeBron James,

Derek Cianfrance, Will Ferrell and Mike Mills to name a


With roots and heart still deeply in the radical

underground, she has a head and contacts to navigate the

mainstream. She is poised to take off with her feature,

TREMBLE THE GORGEOUS VINE, chronicling the deliciously dark

side of New York fashion, and her hilariously brutal short,

SEQUIN RAZE, an homage to the harsh reality, of Reality TV.