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Hailing from the Lake District, artist cum sound engineer, Fern Oxley (Shengi) explores her place in the universe via sound generation, resonance, social consciousness and analogue representation of digital worlds.

Her specialisms include: sound synthesis, music production, sound engineering, DJing, creative workshop development, textiles, visual art and social and political discussion.

Strong collaborative projects have and are continuing to take place with Octopus Collective, Full Of Noises Festival, 44 Productions and other creation projects based both in the South Lake District and nationally within the UK.

Past Gigs
Mary Anne Hobbs, Daedelus, Radioactive Man, Micachu, Jamie Vex'd, Neil Landstrumm, Scotch Egg, Cursor Miner, Lawgiverz, Fuck Buttons, Volcano The Bear, Milanese, Errors, Anti Pop Consortium, Plaid, Otto Von Schirach vs Gabe Serbian, Mogwai - DJ set, Zan Lions, Lorn, Dark Star, Ewan Pearson, Hype Williams, Fantastic Mister Fox and Venetian Snares

Van Der Waal l and ll. Secret Garden Party, Kendal Calling. AND Festival launch- Liverpool and Blackburn. Liverpool Biennial Opening Party. F.O.N 2009, F.O.N 2010. Rebecca Joy Sharp. Islington Mill. Glastonbury 2011

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