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  1. Wow guys - a whole year and no progress on this??
  2. Mark commented on Time Marker Issue
    Not yet, we're working on this.
  3. Mark commented on Time Marker Issue
    Okay, we'll look into this- thanks!
  4. Five days ago...and counting, wow...Where's the closure?
  5. I'm seeing the same problem with multiple vids. Used to be you could put the time marker in the comments, allowing viewers to skip ahead/behind/around by clicking on the jump-to time(s). Not anymore? :\
  6. Ian, thought I'd let you know that I'm having the exact same issue as Community Foundation FRV, so it's not an isolated incident. The HTML 5 Player is working for now. Thanks for checking on it.
  7. Hi, we can let you know in this thread.