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The F.y.m Team exists for 6 years, most of the people haven’t heard of us, only the locals from our neighborhood and close friends. Now, after 6 years of our existence, we bought a camera and you will hear a lot of us. The Team is formed of close friends, aged 19-23, that entertain the general public – starting with children and ending with aged people. The purpose of the Team is to make people happy and show that creativity can change things for the best. F.y.m means Free.Your.Mind We are from Haifa. we excite For doing things other don't dare TO here we are too special YOU want US Yeah do the massy things and Lots OF Fun Fun Fun we are THAT much of original you can never guess or KNOW whats gonna happened next any way THE art of getting yourself Banged against some Heavy Object makes Us laugh and you would Too if IT DID NOT HURT YOU that much well we like TO hang around in MANY original ways AND Do it OUR style crazy things we do and like indeed making smile come across peoples faces. SO we do it every day life activity so it will make us and other people happy for you to enjoy we Put on camera and then or the net SO we share our skills and make you think HOW life Can BE much Funnier and joyful and Damnably blissful Our Videos:

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