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CK Cates is the founder of whatnot productions and co founder of Two Brothers. He is a freelance shooter, editor, director and camera assistant. His love of film began as a child when his mom would take him to the cinema. While a budding English major at IU in Bloomington, IN, CK took a screenwriting class. After turning in his first screenwriting assignment, his professor encouraged him to pack his bags and move south, to Nashville. It was in Nashville that CK began studying at Watkins Film School where he started making his own movies.

Upon graduation, CK joined PK Pictures/NuMynd Studios as a studio manager. It was here, working on shoots for mega platinum artists and Fortune 100 corporations, where CK honed his skills learning lighting and editing. Following PK Pictures, CK took an editing job at Deep Media editing under Darren Thomas. Projects included videos for top Christian artists.

CK continues to be around the camera, whether shooting, assisting, or directing. His favorite camera these days is the RED Epic but he rarely leaves the house without his Canon 7D. Whether assisting on a commercial set or shooting a no budget feature for a friend, CK puts 100% into any job he does.


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