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Director/Cinematographer/Choreographer/3D Specialist/Technologist
Ben brings to his work a rich amalgam of crafts. Encompassing Live Action, Special Effects, and especially liquids. Expert in 3D Stereoscopic Filmmaking he is a pioneer in creating 3D Product Advertising using the most cutting edge capture techniques. A Certified Steadicam Operator and recognized Hi-Speed Filming Master he is experienced with Motion Control, Advanced Rigs and also shoots Print.
Ben is a creative partner in all his projects, bringing a unique and powerful sense of enthusiasm and authenticity to the collaboration. An excellent listener and speaker he is committed to understanding all concerns relevant to a project and with humor and FUN delivers exemplary work worldwide.
He directs and shoots TV Commercials running on the air in the US & on five continents. Also fluent in Spanish, Ben has lensed several documentaries and independent feature films, been Lighting Designer for Broadway Theatres, Museums, International Festivals and Dance concerts. He directs films featuring Dancers and Musicians.
Dolphin’s High Speed Liquid Dance Film, “ARISING” premiered at the Lincoln Center Dance on Camera Festival in NYC. His film “ON ARISING” premiered at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC. He is currently in pre pro on “ARISEN” a 3D Underwater High Speed Dance Film.

Ben’s expertise as choreographer encompasses film, television & stage productions. As guest artist at NYU School of the Arts he created a course "Choreography for Camera" and is Mentor to the
Dance Film Association of NY.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

Represented in Lincoln Center Dance Film Archives Permanent Collection and featured in the Growth of Dance in America Biannual, Ben is a former member of Twyla Tharp and Dancers and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. He studied dancing on full scholarship with all the major American Dance Masters and at NYU School of the Arts-Dance Dept. He practices and teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and is a Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner.
A powerful sense of moving design and energy characterize his work. Ben is a problem solver well versed in all in-camera and postproduction effects. His dance background makes him a consummate and subtle camera operator. Sensitive and robust, he generates enthusiastic and inspired performances from his talent and crew.
He choreographs the interplay between camera movement, talent and product, special effects rigs, and richly textured moving light cues, often requiring the teamwork of 5-10 crewmembers to execute a single shot! His set is alive with focused energy and enthusiasm, each project demanding a unique approach, often calling upon his ability and desire to generate creative concepts and follow the entire project through Digital Post.
Ben’s commitment is to enduring artistic quality and human values. His work has been featured in Emmy and International Award winning productions. He always does his homework and is prepared to be inspired on the set. Cognizant of all the latest industry trends and directions, this is just the beginning.
"I create beauty and excitement… transforming the familiar, into the miraculous."

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