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Like many passionate film-makers, I started at age 12 with my Dad's 8mm Yashika camera. While I filmed adventures with my model dinosuars and miniature cars, I became a student of film.

High School saw me taking acting and film-making classes, and joining the cast of our school play. I went to college as an English major, but the subtext was always film-making, so I also took a photography course. But without a degree in film from USC and the blessings of a major studio, what chance did I have of making my dreams reality?

After I left college and joined the Navy, I found myself working as a military broadcast journalist, managing a very small TV station, reading the nightly news and putting together special video programs for the crew.

After I got tired of military life, I went back to school, studying drama, acting for the stage and screen. As computers became more powerful and cameras cheaper, it dawned on me that I could have all that I needed to produce my own movies, without any help from major Hollywood studios!

-Douglas Sunlin

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