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How did HOT TEA come about and what does it mean?

The two words hot and tea or more specifically the phrase "HOT TEA" was chosen to highlight the relationship between the two words. We so often over look the meaning behind what we say and how special some of these words and phrases really are.

These two words compliment each other both physically and grammatically. Without one or the other you wouldn't have a phrase that evokes a sense of comfort, warmth and relaxation. In a physical sense without hot water all you have is tea, and without tea all you have is water, but when both put together you have "HOT TEA". Hot tea is greater than the sum of its parts.

This idea was the basis for the HOT TEA project. There will always be a relationship between things and that interconnection we have with everything around us is the backbone for how HOT TEA navigates. The project is a comment on all relationships good and bad and the things that lie between them. Like the phrase itself Hot and Tea are two totally different words brought together to represent something new, which reflect on the media and surfaces that the project makes use of.

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