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Regi Allen is an editor, producer and media design artist, who is currently developing new show ideas for television and alternative media. His Prior works include. “Planet Brooklyn, An Acid Jazz Film” for PBS’s Reel New York Film Series, hosted by Laurie Anderson, and a Planet Brooklyn (1996) video art series that won various film festival awards including The Community Choice Award for Best Experimental film, from the National Black Programming Consortium; he has also won Best Show Award, from Washington D.C.’s Rosebud Foundation for his work on the video art-poetry documentary Voices Against Violence (1994) His collaboration on Sandy Wilson's "So Many Things To Consider" and Jane Wagner's Girls Like Us", were both selections of the Sundance Film Festival Short Film Series. "Girls Like Us" won Best Short for the series in 1996. His “art documentary”, tendaysinafrica (2002), has played on both continents, and is the first release in Black Public Media’s DVD series, Afro-Pop. Regi has edited for artists such as Tom Kalin, Rhea Tajima and Kathy High. He has also edited and produced various works and specials for MTV, Nickelodeon, ABC, HBO, USA Networks, TV Land, American Movie Classics (AMC) and Black Entertainment Television (BET). He has collaborated with the video art collectives Not Channel Zero and Third Eye Media. Regi has received an EMMY Award for editing and multi-camera editing; from Children’s Television Workshop’s Sesame Street and was nominated for another, while at ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings/The Century with Peter Jennings. Mr. Allen was awarded a twelve-month appointment as a Research Fellow of the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, at Carnegie Mellon University in 1997. There he developed a multi-media campaign for media literacy that examined the power of images and imagery in pop culture. While in Pittsburgh he also produced and exhibited various works at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. His background is quite eclectic. After attending boarding school at Deerfield Academy, Regi went to Barcelona, Spain, where he finished high school. He stayed in Barcelona for an additional two years, and went on to study philosophy and architecture at The University of Barcelona. Regi returned to the states, to pursue a short-lived music career, by taking on short stints as a music producer/engineer and musician. He soon became interested in music video production and attended The Global Village Video Center and Downtown Community Television Center, first an intern and later, an editor. In 1992 Regi attended Yale University’s Summer Film Institute. His skills were further sharpened at Editel NY, Windsor Digital (Unitel Post 398) and Chelsea Post NY, where after eight years, of commercial online editing, Regi began to create works of video art. Regi lives in Washington DC, works as an senior editor at the Discovery Channel, digs design magazines and has become a blog junkie.
Sometimes I will accuse chestnuts of being lazy... the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess, and the insane lament.

media warloard, video assasian, all around nice guy

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