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Christopher Callahan was born in Long Beach. He grows up listening to metal and loving it so much he starts various rock bands. In the meantime he paints and draws robots and ideas for graphic novels.He paints war figurines while balancing a healthy obsession for video games and wrestling and exploring theatre arts.

He writes. He films. He makes websites. He took a tour of Ireland and discovered he wants to live there when he retires after making tons of dinero. Attending Miami Ad School in the fall and is rejoicing because he's able to freelance and watch Vincint Price movies in between jobs. He does such in his San Francisco apartment by Clement street where he eats some of the finest chinese food known to man and drinks latte's from the Blue Danube.

One day he'll own a house in Oakland and learn to make cheese and possibly have a dog with a cool name that borders on pretention. With a little luck he'll save enough money to start a design studio in Amsterdam and bike around between work and fish and write children's books.

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