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Just a squirrel trying to a get nut.... an average everyday 9 to 5 blue collar worker during the week aspiring to produce some quality videos documenting the killer spots and local talent in the central texas area. Im looking to film any and all sports. So if you have something interesting let me know. These are a couple of my videos below.


  1. Charlie McCarthy
  2. thm production
  3. Brandon Parker
  4. Charles Bergquist
  5. Alliance Wakeskate
  6. La Sewer
  7. Oury Yarbrough
  8. Tyler Blackmon
  9. BLAST Wakeskate Mag
  10. TAR films
  11. Tad Mathews
  12. AllState Productions
  14. Ross Skrudland
  15. Dave Trevino
  16. Northern Lights
  17. MikeL
  18. Cherie A

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