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Chris G. Parkhurst is a humanitarian, cultural, and documentary filmmaker dedicated to telling the important and unique stories of the humanitarian organizations, complex cultures and conscientious companies of today’s world.

Some of Parkhurst’s most important work commenced in June of 2010, six months after the earthquake in Haiti, where BARANG FILMS produced a series of videos and photographic content for well-known international humanitarian organization, Relief International (RI). These videos explore the mobile clinics and water and sanitation programs currently being administered by RI in the Port au Prince area. Some of his other notable work includes:

A Regional Arts and Culture Council Grant is awarded to Parkhurst in 2009 to produce his first feature documentary, Journey to Kathmandu, a story that follows herds of goats from their lives in Tibet to their sacrificial deaths in Kathmandu, during Nepal’s annual Dashain Festival. This film is currently in post production through his company BARANG FILMS and slated for release in 2012.

Parkhurst’s production work throughout 2007-2010 includes documentary and commercial endeavours, including Hollywood features (Twilight and Management), reality television shows and over 30 television and web commercials, including clients such as Intel, Nintendo, Hewlett Packard and EA Sports.

In 2007, Parkhurst edited the international documentary, Year Zero. This Smiling Toads Production follows former Khmer Rouge child soldier, Aki Ra, from his early life in captivity, being forced to plant thousands of landmines throughout the Cambodian countryside, to the present day, where he has since dedicated his life to making his country safe again.

Parkhurst spent six months in 2006 in Cambodia doing sound for the Fulbright and State Department-sponsored documentary film, Bombhunters, a film that examines the lives of rural villagers who sought out and dismantled landmines to turn the scrap metal into meager profit. This film, which Parkhurst edited, explores the social, cultural, and historical context of the legacy of war, long after armed conflict has ended. Bombhunters received a Sundance Documentary Institute Post Production Award.

2006 – Kaseka, one of Parkhurst’s photographs, was selected out of over 10,000+ entries as worthy of an Oregonian Best of Travel Photo Award.

Cascades, one of the early inclusions into the world of digital cinema that Parkhurst directed, produced and edited in 2002.

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