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Raw, transcendental and overly mystifying it is no surprise that International artist Wendell Mc Shine is from the island of “the Carnival” Trinidad and Tobago. Currently based and producing work in Mexico City there’s a lucid cross pollination expressed through stunning iconography.

When one moves full heartedly into the doorway of Wendell’s, A.K.A. Shine’s work, a multi level narrative, which constructs upon itself is discovered. Bandidos, Jewel Stars, King Crows, Nahuales, Humming Birds, mezcal bottles, plantation houses, skulls, towering coconut trees, hibiscus flowers, rubber ‘slippers’, etc., coexist in a world of wooden panels, canvases, organic animations and paper mache masks.

“Coming up with dignity and focus through challenging conditions in the Caribbean ghetto, the 9th of ten brothers and sisters, has inspired me to delve into the avenues of the human condition and nature. In `the third world´, where opportunities don’t come by unless you have courage, spirit and conviction has been an undercover blessing allowing me to draw from my own life experiences and giving me a huge hunger to tell multidimensional stories that inspire.”

Before leaving Trinidad his paintings showcased in Caribbean galleries and his illustrations covered the regions magazines and newspapers. Through his studies in Information Graphics at the Reuters News Foundation in London and the University of Pamplona Spain, he started to incorporate elements of graphic design into his fine art array of unique paintings and explored animation. Now his work blurs the line of visual communications and moving images.

His animated shorts play an intrinsic roll in his art installations and have gained international recognition: Music video “Prosper” for 12 The Band, "Sunfly" is part of the DVD compilation of Michel Goundry’s film, "The Science of Sleep." ¨El Baile del Chihuahua¨ a collaboration with Mexican video artist Fernando Llanos was featured in FICCO. He’s produced several shorts for IDN (International Design Network). Televisa has used his animations and creative direction for its television network image campaigns.

Shine’s murals, paintings and video installations have been showcased, reviewed and in-cooperated widely in the urban art market: Adidas Originals, Absolute Vodka, Harper's Bazaar, Juxtapose Online Magazine, Canvas Magazine, INDI Rocks Magazine, Elaboratorio Urban Art Gallery/ Upper Playground, Artrio Art Space, Art Auction “Mexico Vivo” (along with Mexican artist Javier Marin, Francisco Toledo, Jose Luis Cuevas to name a few), London Print Studios, Fahrenheit Contemporary Art Magazine.

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