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SYT-X production studio – it is a company, which creates video graphics: for advertising, cinema, games and for the world of visual effects. During 4.5 years of our work were issued 53 video clips with the participation of our team’s specialists, where we made our contribution in every stage: from idea’s development till the release of the final video. Our service will be interesting for both big companies and small startup projects. We create beautiful and effective video, which will tell everything about your product or service very detailed and interesting.

From our competitors we are different, because we:
1) Work quickly and in two shifts (round-the-clock and seven days a week)
2) We love the work we do and in every our project we try to achieve perfection
3) All staff has art education or took art courses
4) We can create a video per one day (from scratch / sketch)
5) We work with agencies and leading brands of the world market
6) And certainly quality. Our real love of work and quality you can only see with your own eyes on:


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