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Indianapolis, IN

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I'm a web guy. Got started in 1996. Since then I've done just about everything there is to do in this field, but just recently started getting serious about working with video. I probably have too many ideas, I'm getting started by recording and editing local business lectures & seminars. This comes naturally to me. When I was a youngster I was one of those kids that people worried about for spending sooo much time in front of the television. My parents didn't recognize the value of my spending my life in front of the television screen. For me, every frame provided a glimpse into the work of others with brilliant minds. Every image is art. Every commercial is psychological science (some executed better than others). It's about the subject... the script... the timing... the acting... the script... how the viewers feel about it when it's all done. Now it's time for me to learn how to put it all together to help myself and others reach their own audience and strategically share experiences.

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