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Calling ALL video and film makers please can I collaborate with those who want to put images to my choons!!! I'm a half Spanish, half Irish/Scotch girl living in the UK. I'm interested in music and video technology, creative writing, music, poetry, artworks, etc. I make and create music, produce and DJ. I’m hoping to release an album in the future. I’m influenced by a lot of music especially Electro, Goth, Indie, 80’s, Industrial etc… Years of following bands around and going to festivals have paid off! I’ve had my music played by many radio stations, I was recently interviewed about my music on the BBC. The BBC (among others) have been very supportive! I am also a fully qualified artist having graduated with distinction from Art College where I specialised in many aspects of Art & Photography, textile design, ceramics etc! I have exhibited work all over the UK and have been a FINALIST for CHANNEL FOUR. After graduation I worked as an Advertising Agency Art Director before travelling the Middle East and living on a Kibbutz in Israel. I have had an interesting life even though I say so myself and like meeting other interesting and like minded people, of whom I have met many! THANKS FOR ALL THE MESSAGES!! I'm in demand! :-)
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