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Andrew Carroll received his education in Music Composition from the University of California San Diego. Among his teachers were renowned composers Lei Liang, Chinary Ung, and Katharina Rosenberger. As a composer, Andrew is versatile and able to serve the particular needs of each project and its creator.

Andrew has the knowledge and experience to deliver quality, originality and depth with quick and professional turnaround. LIVE RECORDINGS AVAILABLE.

Andrew has scored for short film/documentary, stage and interactive media. Kayla's Kani is the story of a high school girl struggling to fit in with a hearing disability. No production sound was recorded during filming and the film is only accompanied by music. The music metaphorically represents Kayla's struggle with her disability and fitting in. Big Shoes to Fill is a quirky dramatic comedy about a young man who must admit to his parents that he wants to go to clown college instead of law school. The film crosses the line between comedy and drama and speaks to the struggles of young adults having to admit to their parents that they may not be who they want them to be. In addition to these short films Andrew has scored a new video game called Phantasy Blade, a retro RPG in the style of the classic Zelda. Phantasy Blade is sure to be as beautiful and nostalgic as it is entertaining. Andrew is eager to collaborate with creative and innovative artists whose material will truly stand out above the rest.

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