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Meticulously constructed vocals, lush fingerstyle guitar, scattered percussion, and a haunting, ethereal, female voice all converge in the D.C ./Baltimore-based "dream folk- rock" group, Kindlewood. The independent trio is fronted by Kelci Smith and backed by her husband, Galen Smith and their friend, Jamison Lyman. This year the group will release the follow-up to their 2011 release of "Desiderium" which was nominated for Best Contemporary Folk Recording of 2011 by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA).

Kindlewood, like most bands, has humble beginnings. Kelci and Galen started the group during a stint in Dallas, Texas while living in what they remember as a "crappy, but cozy" apartment. Like adolescents fumbling about to discover their identity, they sought the approval of those close to them. Some encouraged them to work at it while others insisted they quit while ahead. Choosing the former, they eventually moved back home to Maryland where they continued to write and toss songs and play one-off shows where they could. In so doing, they met their third member who was a barista-by-day and musician-by-night at a local Borders Bookstore (R.I.P.). Together, they released their first work ("I Don't Believe in Ghosts," Nov. 2010) and have continuously worked at their sound since.

Their meager start has not stopped them from realizing some success. They supported a sold out show this year at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C. and played an acoustic set at the prestigious Smithsonian American Art Museum's Luce Foundation Center in March. On the heels of their 2011 release, they managed to venture across the country and back and survive a debilitating smash and grab burglary thanks to fans far and near. They also nabbed a nomination for "Best Emerging Band" of 2011 by The Deli Magazine/DC. Finally, their music is being streamed and purchased internationally. The group not only shows promise, but they exhibit a laudable tenacity.

With their newest song, "Give & Take," and its outstanding video (which premiered in Paste Magazine) , Kindlewood looks to showcase their maturing sound and build excitement for their forthcoming release. Join them as they continue on with hope in their hearts and big, crazy ideas in their brains.

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