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Folsom, PA

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“Although I do many kinds of videos, at heart I am a documentary filmmaker. My goal is to capture the reality of the moment as truthfully as possible and I apply this philosophy to whatever I shoot. Sports events, plays, commercials, weddings, promos...there's no difference as far as I'm concerned.

My work is very personal. Each project is unique. I have no permanent crew, it's usually just me and my camera. I go out, observe and bring it all back. I do all the editing myself so it may take a little longer, but what you'll get will be a more personal statement.”


"I use Canon GL2 digital videocameras, Azden and Audio Technica microphones and I edit with Final Cut Express but I think that’s unimportant. It doesn't matter what kind of cameras and software I have if you don’t like the finished video. It’s not about equipment...it’s about vision, sensitivity, artistry and storytelling ability."

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