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New York writer/blogger with a deep appreciation for film, music and the arts. Interested in learning about and connecting with the global community. Always desirous of learning more about different cultures and experiences.

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  1. Amazing stuff. Where is this supposed to be based? Cambodia? Thailand? Would like to know the back story, a longer feature on the whole thing. It's amazing and on point - violence begets violence, those who are bullied will often act even more…
  2. It's a beautiful short. I'd love to see more, have it developed into a longer film. Beyond metaphor, what just happened and how to explain it? Wld be grteat to see how the storyline develops. The film is beautifully shot, erotic plus more. Thanks…
  3. powerful stuff. Hard to watch. And her husband's a priest. He doesn't seem like a bad guy, he even seems gentle, relatively speaking given the circumstances. It's just the cultural acceptance of female oppression as the norm. Poor girl, her…
  4. Powerful stuff; the imagery propelled by the music. Makes me want to cry every time I see it. The music does such a wonderful job of communicaitng the story and helping the images to resonate. Powerful stuff and so emotional. I feel like these…
  5. luvedit. the dopest of the dope that i've heard in a minute. thnx much. am posting on my blog hope that's ok.
  6. Again Bruce, great short. Luved it. What's grt about you too is that you respond to everyone. Rare and generous! Thanks!
  7. Great short. Luved it. What many of us -- most - feel on any given day of our lives. The second half is the redemption we all long for. Cheers! Well done! I've posted this on, hope that's ok. If not, let me know and…