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Michael Morales is a self taught individual, and self driven at the young age of 24. He resides in Fontana, California. Creativity is what drives him, and makes sure he stays on his toes. He’s willing to shoot anything and everything.. will take any challenge given to him, new to this unique art, but loves the fact that he can capture people in a manner that they didn't know was possible.

His drive is to make a name in the craft & art of Photography, rather than fame & fortune.. eye captivating images is what he thrives for & wants to be acknowledged for. Without any schooling he takes this as a gift, and simply wants to show people how he views the world & everyone in it.

Rapidly expanding his vision in Freelance and Portraiture, Michael Morales is obtaining recognition and respect by local So. Cal. Hip-hop artist and up coming Clothing brands.

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