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  1. So much fun seeing this. I saw you guys in Goðafoss and Krafla doing this and I was wondering what the approach was. Really like the approach! Greetings from Iceland.
  2. I really love this. The style of filming, the emotion all of it. I laugh and cry and just go nuts over this. Can't wait for Episode 3!
  3. Virkilega flott framtak! Gaman að sjá svona umfjöllun um þetta :)
  4. haha, ógeðsleg tónlist en flott myndband
  5. I love this.... Love the song, seen it live a couple of times and it just makes me soooo freaking happy. This video does nothing but just that. Makes me happy! :D
  6. Helt otroligt. Tack för att dela den här videon!