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"rimacona-lab" is a platform of Natsuko Yanagimoto and Marihiko Hara, founded to extend their activity and to enhance their creativity in 2006.

Rimacona consists of two members: Natsuko Yanagimoto (vocalist and photographer) and Marihiko Hara (pianist and composer).
They are based in Kyoto where Marihiko, in particular, produces music for theatre performances and people involved in the field, such as visual artists and traditional Japanese instrumentalists.
In addition to a short tour of Europe in 2009, they have also been included on Mille-Plateaux's 'Click and Cuts 5.0' compilation, of which they were the only vocal band on the album.

Marihiko Hara:
Marihiko Hara is a composer residing in Kyoto, Japan and a representative of  the artist collective rimacona-lab. Born in 1983. Graduated from Kyoto University. He composes sound-based works with a look at the scenes of inside/outside himself, reflecting on a strength in the silence and the relation between sound and us. 
Selected releases:
- "prosa" (CD) | tomas phillips + marihiko hara (Words on Music) 2010
- "Michelangelo Antonioni - Trilogy And Epilogue" (CDx2) | V.A (and/OAR) 2010
- "nostalghia" (digital) / marihiko hara (audio moves) 2010 
- "icon" (3"cdr) / marihiko hara (cotton goods) 2009 
- "unrhymed" (4.0ch DVDr) / marihiko hara (leerraum[ ]) 2008 
- "cesura" (EP) / marihiko hara (zymogen) 2007 

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