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Southern Indiana

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Sanders Development is a family owned business whose main focus is the customer. David Sanders is a registered Professional Engineer with 15 years of design and development experience. Jerry Sanders has been working in the real estate industry and the southern Indiana market for over 45 years. Based upon our experience and familiarity with the southern Indiana market we know how to find the best properties at the lowest prices.

We hold faith and our walk with God to be the most important tenant of our daily life. Therefore, we conduct our business and life with the utmost integrity and honesty. It is better in our opinion to lose a client than to mislead a client, make a sale, and have a tarnished reputation. As a result we maintain contact with many of our clients and they count us as their friends.

Click on our videos and visit our website at sandersdev.com, we are sure you will be pleased with what you see.

Thank you for your time.

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