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Starting in 2007, in Kharkov annually hosts various game events, which creates Snow Factory Team under the auspices of the «Riders for Riders».

In the summer of 2009 was registered Kharkiv Regional Youth Civic Organization "Snow Factory." In the same year received support from municipal authorities and the competition was first held in the city center in the Park. Shevchenko, the fountain cascade.

Since the fall of each year in Kharkov "drops" real snow, where skiers and snowboarders in New-school, collecting an increasing number of spectators at each game events, shows his skills in freestyle. A sport of any kind of event culminated in a spectacular party. ))

In spring 2011, was built the biggest snow park in the country's history for the entire slope ski resort Bukovel. Snoukemp «Bukovel Sunny Days» gathered all the fans of winter, at the close of the season in April. During the nine days have passed five major events with great prizes. Because of this Ukrainian riders were able to significantly increase their skills.

Now Snow Factory is one of the few annual Event in the extreme culture of Ukraine.

Feature of the event is that competition always takes place on a unique new design.

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