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  1. The embedded iframe player is limited in functionality compared to the player on our mobile site. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do to change this right now, sorry.
  2. But, if I look at a video on, after escaping fullscreen mode (by the 'ok' or 'done' button) the play button resume the video and not restart it, so why the embed iframe doesn't work the same ?
  3. Okay, pressing that button is going to stop the video and take you away from it. So no, your video will not resume from the same spot.
  4. There is no "ok" button when watching videos on the iPhone - Are you watching them somewhere else?
  5. The button 'ok' (on the upper left corner in full screen HTML5 video) escape fullscreen mode and return to the current page containing the Vimeo iframe.
  6. Where are you seeing "ok"? Are you navigating away from the page? If you press pause, then press play it will start from where you left off. If you go to another page or app, it's going to restart over from the beginning, yes.
  7. So, issue isn't reproducible ? On an iPod under IOS 61.3 I press play and it's playing the video (in full screen), then I press pause and 'ok' to go back to the page and when I press play video restart from the begining.
  8. I'm not sure I understand the issue. I pressed play and it's playing the video, then pressed pause, then play - and it picked up where it left off.