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Charlie Armour (born 1982) is a British film composer. He was born with a rare form of Leukodystrophy, which limits use of his legs and hands. Despite this hurdle, Charlie was able to find his true passion – the love of music. At a young age he composed his first piece “Twin Worlds” which was featured on John Peel’s popular radio show, where it received high praise.

In 2003 Charlie received a Degree in music technology from Thames Valley University in Ealing. While a student, he formed the group “”. He spent much of his time experimenting with new sounds and producing albums for independent artists and creating various compilations, including “bag of sand vol.1”. Following graduation, Charlie was hired at “no.18 Studios – professional audio and media” in Ealing.

In 2006, Canadian documentary filmmaker Jordan Clark of High Banks Entertainment Ltd. was searching for a unique sound to include in his film “Aswang: A Journey into Myth” –a DocuMovie regarding Filipino folklore. The relationship between image and sound worked so perfectly that the two collaborated again in 2009 on “The Aswang Phenomenon”. Nelson D. Vargas, a Filipino film producer and martial arts instructor, was so impressed by the soundtrack for “Aswang: A Journey into Myth” that he approached Charlie to compose the music for his educational documentary on Filipino martial arts, “Lakan Journey of a Warrior”. Charlie has also composed several short films including “Paths” (Ladha Productions), “The Gig” (ULCA), and the ULCA “Safe Partying Video”, advocating responsible drinking. In 2009 Jordan Clark(High Banks Entertainment Ltd). New film "The Aswang Phenomenom" asked Charlie to score The soundtrack and is currently being entered into festivals around the globe.

Industry Qualifications
music multimedia degree sound engineer cert.

thames valley university

Technical Equipment
cubase, pro tools, cakewalk pro, cool edit, logic

Other Skills / Additional Information
i can nearly do a good robotic dance

Films made or in development

a fighting action based short film

a documentary set in the philipines explaining the myth of the aswang

Lakan Journey of a Warrior
a documentry set in philipines

The Gig
Winner of Best Drama at UCLA Campus Movie Fest 2008. Shot, edited, and produced in 72 hours over one weekend.

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