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Montreal, Canada

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Rob Feulner is an audio/visual artist hailing from Montreal, Quebec. In 2008 he founded the experimental audio cassette label THEY LIVE WE SLEEP. Fifteen releases later, he began founding the video-art distribution company BLEU NUIT VIDEO, inspired by his own explorations of VHS and VCRs alike. Armed with a stack of VCRs, video synths, and a disregard for electrical shocks, Rob Feulner dives wrist-deep into open machinery to manipulate tape heads and moving parts to create a landscape of video tracking errors and glitches. His work for artists such as ERIC COPELAND, LUNICE, and CFCF has received critical praise from the A.V. Club and MTV, amongst others. Tome to the Weather Machines writes, "[Rob Feulner] continues to explore the medium of VHS cassette with plenty of humor, brilliantly editing stops timed with the music and making things like the annoyance of video tracking into something artful and clever."

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