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Xtreme Adrenaline Boardshop is a rider owned and operated boardshop. We specialize in providing high quality boarding goods for all Riders from beginner to the hardcore advanced Rider.

We at XA aim to serve our customers with the highest quality customer service out there. We try to create the same in store feel in our online shop as we have in our retail location. In a world where customer service seems to take a back seat to the all mighty dollar, our goal is to show that customer service is not a thing of the past and is alive and well here at XA.

Why buy from us? We stock only the highest quality and best gear out there at great prices. We aim to keep our customers happy by providing great service, great gear, great prices and free shipping. We also aim to support the industry and culture that we love by supporting as many rider owned and operated brands as we can, as well as sponsoring riders and events that promote our way of life.

In a world that has gone “big box”, let’s get back to the real focus of the industry that we are stoked on. We put you, the Rider first! Protect it, keep it Legit!

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