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    586 Videos / 3,907 Members

    If you like this, fallow! Please, only add if you see NICE PUSSY!

  2. Directed by WeSaySo

    by Wes West joined

    22 Videos / 3 Members

    Animations and films directed by Wes West

  3. Animation Shorts

    by Lee Daniels joined

    88 Videos / 52 Members

    Short and sweet cartoon shorts.

  4. Toons

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    9 Videos / 5 Members


  5. CARTOON films ITAF

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    6 Videos / 3 Members

    all animation films

  6. Cartoons and Animation

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    12 Videos / 6 Members

  7. Kick-ass cartoons

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    13 Videos / 5 Members

    Sweet cartoons.


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    186 Videos / 89 Members

    Short Cartoon...

  9. cartoon

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    18 Videos / 15 Members

  10. Animation

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    7,962 Videos / 1,679 Members

    This group is for independent animated film makers, and game makers looking to share their work, as well as ideas and experience in the field. I look forward to collaborating with all of you fellow…

  11. Cinebarre Short Films

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    4,992 Videos / 2,265 Members

    find us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Cinebarre ***BY SUBMITTING TO THIS GROUP, YOU AGREE TO HAVE YOUR FILM SCREENED AT OUR THEATERS. *** This is THE place to be if you want your short…

  12. 01SHORTFILM___the group

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    7,903 Videos / 3,175 Members

    This group is dedicated to all those filmmakers that, abiding by or challenging traditional CINEMATIC conventions, strive to tell compelling and, needless to say, beautiful stories.

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