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I enjoy both drama an factual programming but have worked in media operations as a technician in both news and at the discovery channel. I enjoy what television brings to my life and the excitement and challenges that come with it.


  1. Eddie Peter Hobson
  2. Christian Grewe
  3. Michael Flarup
  4. John Eklund
  5. Rick Mereki
  6. Fat Rat Films
  7. BAFTA New York
  8. Nick White
  9. Aastha Auplish
  10. Samuel Gonzalez
  11. Henning Tveito
  12. Carolina Sarsfield
  13. Ben Halford
  14. Caroline Hodge
  15. Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
  16. Ryan J. Grant
  17. Paul (Charlie) Dimmock