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Neosmedia is made up of a multi-disciplinary group which has, as its main focus, the goal of turning your ideas into reality. In our team you will find only the best professionals at your service. We have architects, designers, 3D graphic designers.... each one specialised in the different areas which combine to form your project. We operate at the forefront of modern technology when creating any kind of digital content. Neosmedia is an internacionally reconogsides name, a leader in the world of architectural graphic design. In 2.004, the company was awarded the "Oscar" for the best architectural design (3D AWARDS Architectural visualizations, Los Angeles). Begining since, our departments of architectonic infography and design, come offering all the services to take care of the necessites of our clients in the development of different means for the commercialization from their projects. 3D ARCHITECTURE The architectural visualization is without doubt the comunication graphic medium par excelence, with which your will be able to : -Show your projects spacially. -Analize each formal component of your designs, each relation among elements. -Involve yourself in every detail, even the smallest of them. -Select each one of the materials. -Choose every ilumination effect. It is a valious way of transmitting your ideas with total fidelity, we can make of your project more than an image, a sensation that no doubt will contribute to the success of your promotion. PERPECTIVES AND VIEWS Outsides / Location Urbanism, residential development, attached houses, enviromental impact, governmental buildings, sports facilities, urbanistic development. Interiors We make it warm those empty spaces in order for your clients to be integrated in their promotions in a quickly way, and we give realism to the images with the aim of satisfying the clients. Sectioned parts It is an excelent tool for your clients to understand -in an easy and clear way- the room and interior distribution of their holdings. Top views It is the most similar to an aerial view to get a better comprenhesion of the project environment, location of the holding, gardens, sport areas, parkings, ... LIVELY VIEWS Make yourself comfortable and visualize a virtual walk throught your house, urbanization, office....with interior as well as exterior images. We have solid promotion media in traditional support like VIDEO as well as CD, DVD.... GRAPHIC DESIGN – MUTIMEDIA We design all you can need for the promotion of your projects: corporative images, billboards, banderoles, pamphlets – advertisign catalogues, interactive applications. WEB Internet is an interactive medium which helps to build better and stronger relations with their clients; implementing effective techniques and offering you and your bussiness great opportunities to: - Create or widen new markets and develop new products. - Improve your corporative image. - Reduce the operation and communication costs. - Strengthen the service and support to the clients. CLIENTS We work to and for our clients day by day; being this one our most precious value. Presently we are in a priviledge in the national market, and protected by a client portfolio with the same aim, no other tham quality. And in addition with a solid proposal to extend to us towards the European market. LABORATORY Neosmedia has been investing in people and technology for years, with the aim of helping its clients realise their dreams. One of our main objectives is to work in the field of research and development, which has made us pioneers in our area of expertise. What’s more, we are constantly growing in terms of visual quality, offering photorealistic images and videos so close to reality that they continue to surprise. In this section we enclose images and projects presented to competitions in which the aim of the business of going beyond image, exploring new sensations through the investigation of new techniques, and putting the new technologies at the service of our ideas. At the same time, young architects in their final project to adquire the university degree can give their creations great visual quality.


phone: +34 955813024

Diego Llorente 32A St., Los Palacios, Seville (Spain).

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