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  1. Mel Feliciano commented on Finish Line
    The message of the short is so true. There is a frame blending issue throughout the whole film. Which parts were shot on the URSA?.
  2. Thank you very much for posting this video. This is the best EVH interview ever. Is there an HD version available?
  3. You know someone is going to say it: "All parts where Mitch is talking, the camera is too shaky". Couldn't you guys just use the gimbal or at least a shoulder rig?. You show several stabilizing systems, but decided to use none with Mitch.
  4. My guess. GH4: Ballerina, bare feet on sand, sexy legs shopping, and couple in denim. 5d MK III: Opening shot, bare feet on grass, and woman putting on lotion.
  5. I also have been looking for something like this, but I'm afraid that a B4 ENG lens that resolves the detail necessary for full HD video is going to be more than a couple of hundred dollars.
  6. Mel Feliciano commented on Fado Metal
    I was searching for GH4 videos and this came up. I don't see in the description that you used a GH4. I wonder if this a problem with the vimeo search engine or if the video was tagged incorrectly.