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TALE of YEARS is archive and label - A R C H I V E for photos, videos and more...
for more information please contact
hagen@taleofyears.de leonie@taleofyears.de
TALE of YEARS: archive and label

The archive contains thousands of historical old negatives and images…

Starting with glass negatives from 1880, big negatives from the 20s, mid negatives from the 40s, 50s and 60s up to normal 35 mm analogue negatives.
Also included is a complete archive of:
• Leonie Felle – photographer / artist
• Hagen Keller – photographer / director
(all sizes of negative and digital images 350 dpi 30 x 40 cm)

Furthermore TALE of YEARS is an archive which offers video and film footage...

We are still in the working process:
• of digitalizing the big amount of negatives
• and creating an order system for graphic designer, art buyers and all the people who are interested in

As you can imagine, the digitalizing takes plenty of time.
For more information about our high-resolution work go and visit taleofyears.com
Feel free to contact us anytime:
mailto: hagen@taleofyears.de
mailto: leonie@taleofyears.de

Made by TALE of YEARS: If you are interested in watching the videos of the “gutfeeling bands” or the “gutfeeling friends” from all over the world... enjoy it.
If you are interested in the videowork of us. Please contact us.

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