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Introducing Maffew...

Armed with pure lyrical prowess and with the hunger and talent that comes along with a Brooklyn mc's pedigree, Maffew enters Hip-Hop as an Artist on a mission. A mission that many consider impossible, especially in terms of bringing East coast music back to the forefront. In particular music that's not just about the beat... Not just the dance.... And not just for the club, but all together, driven by the artist/mc, who commands the track with lyrics, flow, content, charisma, swagger, and contagious energy.

Growing up in the Brownsville Section of Brooklyn, New York, Maffew began rhyming at the age of 7, during a time in Hip-Hop when rappers and rap groups were as different from one another, as one day is to the next. Influenced by his youngest uncle who kept the likes of Big Daddy Kane, Notorious B.I.G., Brand Nubian, A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop and Dre, Slick Rick, KRS-One, and so on, in heavy rotation Maffew was both nurtured and forced to "push his pen" at an early age. Having spent a number of years in Virginia, he was able to fully focus and hone every aspect of his repertoire. His presence in the booth similar to that of a confident quarterback in the pocket, Maffew makes and arranges songs of various contents, flows, pace and purpose, that both summarize the environment as well as capture the moment.

Maffew eventually would return to BK- and with the team coming together- bubbling quietly- like the thunderous roar from the 3 train leaving Brooklyn, his talent would not go unrecognized. The young, up and coming emcee was quickly enlisted by Shakedown's very own, Bad Boy/Konvict recording artist Red Café, for his album with DJ Envy called "The Co-Op" in which Maffew featured on two tracks (Invincible, Section 8). Then under his moniker St. Maffew, he also appeared on the Boot Camp Clik General, Sean Price's mixtape "Kimbo Price"(Weed & Hoes).

“I originally met Maffew when he was 15, in a store where everyone was battling. I thought he was the best out of all of them lyrically but thought he needed to grow up because his voice wasn't there. Flash forward, a few years later I met him again when he grew up and his voice was right, his rhymes, and his swag. He is an artist. So right from there, I started fucking with him.”- DJ Clark Kent ( interview excerpt)

After gaining the respect from some of hip-hops heavyweights, Maffew is currently ready to guide his own path, finishing up on his Where I'm From The Experience E.P. with production from DJ Clark Kent, Sha Banga, DJ Khalil, Jaisu, and Nottz. Nottz also produced the self titled first single Where I'm From which feature's a cameo from Hip Hop legend Masta Ace. The 7 track EP is giving the people a sample of what's next to come from Maffew and his newly formed Independent record label Cash In Cash Out Records L.L.C. Also be on the look out for Maffew's upcoming album Rare Gems which will hit stores early 2011. At this current time shows, performances, and appearances are being booked... And soon to come to a mic near you, the one and only—M.oney A.nd F.ame F.uels E.veryone's W.orld. This is one train you don't want to miss...

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