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Nevada City CA

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Kalyani and Circle UP! Singer/Songwriter Kalyani receives the gifts of song as a personal medicine, through time spent listening and attuning to nature.
She shares her music medicine with Love and Heartfelt Presence and with a unique and passionate voice. Her songs facilitate Oneness and Joyful Celebration in diverse settings including Unity, New Thought and Center for Spiritual Living Churches in Hawaii and the West Coast.
Her fifth CD of original music, “Faith,” combines contemporary, catchy melodies with intimate lyrics that uplift and set the spirit free. Kalyani and her band, Circle UP! love to bring people together through the sharing of positive, high vibration, original acoustic music that has been described as “Musical Oxygen”. “Singer /songwriter Kalyani helps people tune into their true nature”~The Union “Kalyani is a delight to work with. Her inspired original songs touch the heart and leave you centered in a place of peace and calm. Her CD’s are perfect for those long drives and getting into Spirit’s groove. Her songs express the core teaching Unity, none more so than “Waking Up In Unity” and “Faith”. ~ Rev. Jerry Farrell, Unity in the Gold Country, Grass Valley CA.

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