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This is the vimeo account we set up for It's mainly to use as a way to contact film makers about their edits but we do have a few projects of our own we'll be putting out. We made the site because we believe that everyday skateboarders, skateshops and skateparks are the lifeblood of the U.K skate scene and that all of these people behind these endeavours should be acknowledged for their contribution. We all know people who may not be in the lime light but are killing it every chance they get to step on a board. We all have friends who are filmers that edit amazing video parts or shoot beautifully taken photographs with no place to showcase their talent. This is why we made this site, we want to hear about your scene, we want to talk about it, we want to see and show your photo’s we want to help you share your video parts and most importantly we want to skate with you.If you’ve got something to share please get in touch.

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