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Choreographer, Angelle Hebert and Composer, Phillip Kraft founded tEEth in 2006. Their work is generated through a deeply collaborative process exploring the body's limitless expression through motion and sound. As a creative team, choreographer and composer use improvisation to tap into core emotions, and spend months deconstructing, pushing and reforming those moments of discovery. Performance acts as a vessel, carrying the audience to a shared place of honest revelation. Their unique vision combines technical virtuosity with raw impact. Approaching the body with a singular eye for life’s beauty and, often, grotesque absurdity, tEEth serves a poignant and uncompromising glimpse of humanity through sensory-rich movement, performance art and original music.
In Portland, tEEth has created and presented works for Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's TBA Festival, Portland Center Stage's JAW Festival, Ten Tiny Dances, Reed Arts Week, Performance Works NW, Conduit, Water in the Desert Festival, and Enteractive Language Festival. Additionally, their work has toured to On the Boards (Seattle), Joyce SoHo (NYC), Fuse Box Festival (Austin), and Sidearm Gallery (New Orleans).

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