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Vince Vince is the leader and founding member of Vince Vance & the Valiants, a world-travel and recognized show band that first appeared on Bourbon Street in New Orleans at Your Father's Mustache on September 18, 1971. Since that time Vince and his group have played 7,000 concerts and seen 13 Countries and 34 of these United States. Some great concerts moments have been at the Super Dome in New Orleans for many Mardi Gras Balls, the White House in 1994 & 95 for President & Mrs Clinton, President Bush's Inaugural Party Sponsored by the Louisiana Republican Party in 2005. Vince Vance loves his career making people party. He has a number of sayings. His favorite: "You can't buy a good time, BUT you can hire me and improve your chances.

"Though Vince is considered the master showman, he is also a composer who co-wrote that Number 1, most requested Christmas hit "All I Want for Christmas is You." He has released 17 CDs in his career. His degree is both in Music and English and has written two published books and has a number of children's stories to be published in 2011.

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